Reactjs Advanced Interview questions

React library is being used for most of the front-end development and It is being used for a long period of time. It is simple to understand and easy to use, Even a person who knows javascript and ES6 can learn in 15 days.

So if a person claims, He has knowledge of more than 7 years in ReactJs then what kind of questions we should ask him?

We should ask ReactJs Advanced Interview Questions. And Below is the list of the Reactjs Advanced Interview questions

  1. What are the Disadvantages of virtual DOM  ( Answer  )
  2. What is the Difference between Controlled and uncontrolled components in ReactJs
  3. What is the Portal in ReactJs?
  4. What is the significance of keys in react js
  5. What are the roles of ref in reactjs
  6. Can we replace Error Boundary with Try Catch Block (Answer) ?
  7. What is the SSR and what is the Hydration in ReactJs
  8. Why the setState is Asynchronous in ReactJs?
  9. What is the preferable way to share the common logic of the React components HOC or Hooks?
  10. What is the difference between Shadow DOM and Virtual DOM ?
  11. What is the Reconciliation in ReactJs?
  12. What is the fiber in Reactjs and Why does it follow the 16ms rule?
  13. How Reactjs is able to complete the processing of Virtual DOM tree processing in O(n) instead of O(n3)?
  14. What are the new Features in React18
  15. What is the Concurrent Rendering in React 18
  16. What are the Lanes in React 18
  17. What are the differences in Stack Reconciler, Fiber Reconciler and Concurrent/Lanes Reconciler
  18. What is the way to share state data between the React Components without using Context API (Answer)

Programming Paradigm Questions

  1. What are the different programming paradigms ?
  2. How functional programming is better than the Object-oriented for Front End development?
  3. When we should follow recursion instead of looping?
  4. What is the Higher-Order Function?
  5. What is the Pure function?
  6. What are the side effects? And what is the example of a side effect in ReactJs ?
  7. What is immutability? Where it is maintained in ReactJs?
  8. What is the idempotent in FP?

Javascript Interview Questions

  1. What is the difference between parallelism and concurrency?
  2. Why does javascript have the concurrency model?
  3. How to perform the parallel computations in Javascript?
  4. How to handle binary data in Javascript?

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