Complex Programming terms

Most of the time we try to learn something in the programming, From the resources available on the web. We come across the complex programming terms that are difficult, Because of these difficult terms are not able to grasp completely that is available on the web.

So we should have a basic understanding of these terms. Below is the list of some complex programming terms with the short descriptions.

  1. The abstraction level of components/function
  2. First Class Function
  3. Multiparadigm language ( Functional, Procedural, Object-Oriented )
  4. Isomorphic / Universal
  5. Immutability
  6. Pure Function
  7. Run-Time Engine
  8. Lexical Environment
  9. Referential Transparency = Pure function + immutable data
  10. Monkey patching
  11. Imperative vs Declarative approach
  12. Closures
  13. Side effect code
  14. Shallow comparison
  15. Anti-pattern
  16. Partial application ( Arity )
  17. Tacit programming ( more commonly: point-free style ) The term “point” here is referring to a function’s parameter input.
  18. Function Programming
  19. Reactive Programming
  20. Functional Reactive Programming
  21. Run to completion


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