simple bar react is not working properly with react window

React window and simple bar react both are very famous libraries/plugins. And sometimes we need both to be worked together. I came across this issue of simplebar and react-window together is not working in my case so debugged it. and found the reason. Simplebar react scroll event does not provide the currentTarget property in the… Continue reading simple bar react is not working properly with react window

Can I Replace Error Boundary With Try Catch Block

By the time with the ReactJs we developed a lot of things and end up with some error. At that point we integrate Error Boundary with react Application. And started to think can I replace error boundary with the Try catch block of vanilla JavaScript ? The simple answer for the Question for Can I… Continue reading Can I Replace Error Boundary With Try Catch Block

Reactjs Advanced Interview questions

React library is being used for most of the front-end development and It is being used for a long period of time. It is simple to understand and easy to use, Even a person who knows javascript and ES6 can learn in 15 days. So if a person claims, He has knowledge of more than… Continue reading Reactjs Advanced Interview questions

Disadvantages of virtual DOM

ReactJs is a widely used Ui library, And if you are reading this post so it is confirmed you have thought about something different. Different than the normal reader. Or probably you have read about the advantages of virtual DOM. Let’s back to the main topic, Is it possible to have some disadvantages of virtual… Continue reading Disadvantages of virtual DOM

Reactjs folder structure

React js is a great UI library. It provides the best way to create and manage UI components. But there are other things in the application as well that are not directly dependent on the UI components. So in order to manage the application, in the long run, we need some sort of best reactjs… Continue reading Reactjs folder structure

Complex Programming terms

Most of the time we try to learn something in the programming, From the resources available on the web. We come across the complex programming terms that are difficult, Because of these difficult terms are not able to grasp completely that is available on the web. So we should have a basic understanding of these… Continue reading Complex Programming terms